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Our cost saving projects worldwide - selected projects in different climate and geological conditions - new constructions and retrofits.

Pennsylvania, US, heating and cooling of residential house

In North America, the first installation of a GEOKOAX GHX was installed in Pennsylvania for a residential application. The system was designed to heat and cool the house and provide 100 percent of hot water – a safe and comfortable alternative to burning propane gas or other fossil fuels. Two 250-ft boreholes 35 ft apart were installed in series coupled with a Climate Master Trilogy heat pump. Pairing the GEOKOAX GHX with a variable speed heat pump provides an impressive coefficient of performance of 5.5 and a significant reduction of electric consumption compared to conventional heating or cooling systems.

London, UK, Institute of Physics, British physicists vote for geothermal energy (120 kW / 34 Tons)

Right in the heart of London at King’s Cross, the IOP – Institute of Physics has completed a high – profile project using GEOKOAX ground heat exchangers in the retrofit of the building’s HVAC system. The innovative ground loop provides 34 tons of cooling and 21 tons of heating and is a true commitment from the scientific community to combat climate change through the use of sustainable and renewable technologies.

Belgrade, Serbia, Hilton Hotel, in the city center with drilling depth restrictions (1 MW / 284 Tons)

It is the first commercial-scale project in Belgrade that will operate efficiently and effectively entirely without fossil fuels. To fulfill the heating (1 MW / 284 Tons) and cooling (750 kW / 213 Tons) requirements of this large complex, 70 boreholes were drilled to 340 feet and 23,800 feet of GEOKOAX heat exchanger installed. The hotel will cover an area of roughly 183,000 square feet with over 250 suites and rooms, two restaurants, and an inner courtyard that is partially located underground.

Troisdorf, Germany, condominiums in an area with drilling depth restrictions (190 kW / 54 Tons)

This project recognized the leading-edge technology of the GEOKOAX heat exchangers and was given the prestigious 'Klimaschutzsiedlung' award by the German government.

Dueren, Germany, LVR Klinikum, public service hospital in the Rhine area with drilling depth restrictions (243 kW / 69 Tons)

The high energy requirements of the hospital coupled with a drilling depth restriction of 101 feet meant that geothermal energy was initially considered only as a supplementary source. However, with the use of the high performance GEOKOAX heat exchanger the heating and cooling loads were satisfied entirely from geothermal energy.

Urmond, The Netherlands, privately-owned retirement residence (550 kW / 156 Tons)

As there were no restrictions on drilling depths, it was decided to drill to 262 feet. Despite limited space on the site, the high efficiency of the GEOKOAX heat exchanger made it possible to cover the entire energy requirements (heating and cooling) of the residence through geothermal energy and to avoid the use of fossil fuels.

Chiemsee/Fraueninsel, Germany, private residence in an area with drilling depth restrictions (7 kW / 2 Tons)

To comply with drilling depths restriction of 85 feet (26 meters), geothermal energy became feasible on this island through the use of GEOKOAX heat exchangers. Eliminating the regular transport of fossil fuels across the lake, avoiding emissions and risk to the lake's drinking water.

Lübeck, Germany, private apartment block in an area with drilling depth restrictions (112 kW / 31 Tons)

A comprehensive renovation to this apartment block dating from the 1960's was undertaken. The apartment owners decided to replace the old oil-fired heating with a geothermal system. This systems now supplies the entire block with geothermal energy.

Cologne, Germany, privately owned city mansion in an area with drilling depth restrictions (20 kW / 6 Tons)

Drilling restrictions of 68 feet and the limited size of the property area meant that a change to geothermal energy was possible only by using the efficient GEOKOAX heat exchanger. The system provides heating and cooling and an increase in property value with a short payback period on the investment.

Salching, Germany, industrial project with passive cooling in an area with drilling depth restrictions (60 kW / 17 Tons)

After completing the building's heat pump system by the mechanical contractor, the planned U-bend borefield was rejected by the local authorities due to drilling depth restrictions that limited borehole depth to 82 feet. GEOKOAX was contacted and engineered a borefield using the GEOKOAX ground heat exchanger system that satisfied the heating and cooling requirements of the building and allowed for successful project completion.

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